“Emerging from a new generation of bass rich music, Mystral offers a collection of rich multidimensional soundscapes through smooth melody and slick grooves. From dubstep flow to the bouncy realms of glitch hop, Mystral engages the journeyer with a collage of precisely arranged sounds mixed with finesse to create a full yet spacious audio collage.
The melodies dancing through this musical journey call forth a sense of mysticism and upliftment; adding a beautiful balance to the glitch and bass wobbles resulting in a full flavored soundgasm!”
– Merkaba Music

coming from a background of both underground hip hop and electronic music scenes, Mystral’s performance incorporates both aspects, and crosses the bridge between psychedelic, bass, and B-boy flavors. freestyle flows bounce off beats and crowd energy is alway high as conscious intention is brought through by words and uplifting vibrations.

his 2013 EP, release entitled Afterglow, was the #1 new release on for the tail end of March, and provides a full range of sounds and emotion, from sexy bass grooves to funky glitch, and hip hop rhythm’s.

performing since 2006, he has shared the stage with many profesional acts including members of Living Legends, Bluetech, Kalya Scintilla, Acyalone, Sasha Rose, Nico Luminous and Birds of Paradise.